At this time we try to keep the spaces in which people can get to know through the comparison with oneself, with others and with the direct contact with nature, in all the places where the sacred abode.

A place where we can open our eyes to the early morning hours when the sun herald a new day in order to live the moment of light in the Earth. Similarly to share and live the arrival of the night with the same intensity, when the mystery and return the stars to guide us on this journey.

In Search of Vision we head towards the Temple, or the mountain, that our ancestors have inherited, as well as their own guarded it. We live aware that the Great Creator Spirit resides anywhere but we decided to give us a time when we can go to meet the peaks of the mountains.

From the beginning, our ancestors realized the need to have a relationship with the observation, the direct listening and the ability to be guided by a clear purpose and a good purpose in their lives.

Since ancient times in this design, it was decided that the guides of a people or a community, the leaders or those people who for personal gifts were inclined to serve their own people, should fast, so refraining from eating, drinking and keep silence.

Nowadays we recognize that this ritual, one of the oldest that we guard, has been handed down in various forms, but always trying to preserve the original purpose in its manifestations.

The family FSI has inherited, within this ritual, drawing up following a compromise and an agreement with ourselves to four years:

First year: red (East) – 4 days

Second year: yellow (South) – 7 days

Third year: black (West) – 9 days

Fourth year: white (north) – 13 days

That to which we belong is a family of men, women, children and elderly who try to live with the truth, in a constant relationship with our past, our memory and our future. We strive to recover the order and the way of living our lives as we thought and wanted to do, starting to build in harmony with all of nature with our being, with what surrounds us. In Mountain you start this search, the search of our being natural and original, capable of sustaining the cold, the heat, the rain, the storm, the wind, the quiet, a brief moment of eternity.

As people who have decided to embark on a journey, to follow the word and the council of elders who have already made this journey, we recognize that our has a shape and a way of walking. We recognize that in this land many other men and women have reached a similar knowledge and wisdom through other routes. The fasting, abstaining from drinking and eating for a time, keep the silence, the opportunity to meditate in order to amplify our senses in order to receive instructions that we are looking for, the ‘isolation or loneliness looking to get into intimate contact with nature, are all practices that human beings have perpetuated since the ancient times.

Ours is a proposal, through a form that we have inherited, what we have chosen for ourselves and for future generations, is the form that we love, is our “Busqueda de Vision”.