About our Vision

The objective of the Sacred Fire Association is to safeguard, exercise, transmit, and spread the traditions that preserve ancient knowledge that contemplates the use of plants for traditional and ritual purposes.
Recognizing that the original peoples of America have preserved and perpetuated much of this knowledge and this knowledge up to the present day, it is now our choice and responsibility to integrate it as a form of daily life for all the peoples and nations that recognize each other.
We recognize ourselves as a nation, people who accept and recognize its connection with the Great Mystery. We recognize the primary existence of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire as the origin and source of life.
Our path includes all people, all races, all nations, and peoples of the four directions of this Earth.
It is our desire to live in harmony with everything that exists, to honor our relationships, in the awareness of the unity of the Great Family of Life.
In this group the contributions of all families who keep a Sacred Fire, in their homes, in their community, and in their lives are welcome.


Antonio Panchetti, Chair

I am president of the association Fuoco Sacro together with the council we have worked, for many years, for the organization of Vision Quest in Italy. I am a medicine man, guardian of the sacred chanupa , temazcal , sundancer , and vision quester. I love to carry on the ancestral traditions and unite them with the work in the land thus having the opportunity to reconnect with nature and the farmer tradition.
I am a producer of olive oil extra-virgin and chianti wine, in the land of my grandparents, near Florence in Italy, where I was born .

Dario Giuffrida, Founder

Dario is an Italian psychologist and traditional Kuraka. Dario and the Council work to maintain, support, and share knowledge of the ancient traditions throughout Europe and America. 

Contact: db@fuegosagrado.eu 

Jacopo Majorana, Vice Chair

Jacopo Majorana is an Italian financial analyst, farmer, chanupa  keeper, and vision quester. Board member and co-founder of fuoco sacro italia association help the organization of vision quests and spiritual meetings in Sicily supporting with bookkeeping, logistic, and financial matters.

Donatella Cosentino, Accountant

Donatella Cosentino lives in Italy, she is a school teacher, Counselor, and facilitator of Biodanza. She is a Vision Quester and guardian of the Sacred Pipe. As part of the board team, is collaborating for several years to promote and implement personal growth paths and to safeguard and share knowledge of ancient spiritual traditions.

In our statute (pdf. document) you can read the vision that inspires our actions.