Sacred Pipe

The sacred pipe is a small creature, like a child. We receive in our hands and we present the four main directions: the direction of Heaven, Earth and of our own heart.
The pipe is the Great Spirit, their expression, the mystery itself. Must be brought by a person who has decided to give and offer the best of himself, someone who wants to be the solution and not the problem.
This pipe is made up of a male part and a female, is a man and a woman in a loving relationship. In his heart, within the path of the Great Spirit is important to go, travel, move and heal. When you arrive in a place we pray with the pipe all will be well, all will be in order, everything will be fine.
This tool has come to this day thanks to the generations that have passed on and perpetuated. It was primarily due to our elders of America, our elders of the Red path.
In our tradition the Pipe entrusted to us are related to inheritance and prosperity of the Sacred Pipe Family Looking Horse, of South Lakota.
La Pipa, that have entrusted us, what we have decided to accompany our lives, is the manifestation of the Spirit, the Essence of the Creator. Remain at our side bringing advice and every time that we will want to be able to stay in front of us. It‘s a spirit in which we place all that we desire in our lives, is a mirror, as we take care of her we take care of ourselves. It is also the manifestation of our love and our respect to what has come into our hands in a good way.