NEW "Associazione Fuoco Sacro" (AFS) LOGO

We want to update the association’s logo and are welcoming all proposals, artwork and creatives. This is to renew and effectively communicate the vision and spirit of our family; to refresh the continuity of our sacred purposes relative to our path and community.


The winner will receive 2 full admissions to attend Vision Quest in NinaUrcu in (Italy) or AyaPuma Samay (Ecuador).
The prize can be used by the winner or transferred to whomever the winner chooses.



1.- The logo represents our purpose, who we are, so it must be: UNFORGETTABLE, STUNNING, SIMPLE, SOBER, AND IMMEDIATELY UNDERSTOOD.


2.- The logo should include as many of the following elements:

a. The four elements (water, fire, earth, wind).

b. The Sacred Mountain (visual reference of the mountain).

c. Animal nations:

-The winged spirits such as the hawk, eagle & griffin.

-The spirits that walk on earth such as the puma, leopard & ocelot.

-The slithering spirits such as the serpents.

You can take inspiration from all these mentioned elements to create your logo.

3.- Please do NOT include images of medicine.

The vision of the AFS is to offer spaces and projects that go beyond the medicinal aspect of our sacred plants and rituals. We’d like people to identify us more broadly, since we are generators of community education, we take care of ancestral designs, the growth of agricultural projects, the collective consciousness, culture and the care of nature.

4.-The logo must be delivered in 3 versions:

a. FULL COLOR ART POSTER version 24 ”x 36”, or 25 ”x25” if it is square, of approximately 3600 x 5400 pixels. You can create a POSTER where the logo is integrated into a larger piece, with background and other elements of your choice and in the creative technique of your choice.

b. The logo (without a background) must be delivered in a full color version.

c. A black and white version must also be submitted. At least 250 px (width) x 100 px (height), minimum dimensions for web page use.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: January 21, 2021.

Send to:

-Please send your proposal using a pseudonym rather than your name in order to ensure the neutrality of the voting. The real name will only be known at the end when the winner is announced. The pseudonym must be a single word. If you prepare more than a logo for this contest give a different number por each of logo you present.

-We will send a confirmation to the participant once the proposal is received.

-The artworks will be evaluated by the council.

-All the council's member of the Vision Quest will vote and the winner will be announced on social media in the week following the decision.


-The logo will be printed on a poster and used for AFS purposes in future events such as our Vision Quest. Thus the artwork will be symbol of the AFS and our community projects. This is why it is good to remember the importance of the elements going into the design. We would like it to stand the test of time.

-By submitting your proposal to the ASF, all image rights will be transferred to the organization.