Ancient Healing Ceremony

During thousands of years our family has taken care of the ancients Ceremonies who have been the source of the knowledge, the cosmovision, the health and the purification of our people. This new time in which humanity is walking towards the opening of conscience, has allowed the ancient American knowledge, before secret, to be available today for all those who want to approach and know.

The intention is to connect the individual with himself and with the Universe, helping ourselves in this way to find the answers that we need in our lives, to recognize our skills and talents, to confront our fears and what we live in our interior.

This knowlege brings freedom and health to each person and allows us to see those aspects of the Being that rest under the surface of the physical reality and discover other universe of Conscience.

Women in their Moon time are welcome to take part of the whole ceremony and the activities to be realize.

The ceremony of four tobacco or media luna is a time and a space where the family gathers around a fire to pray, to ask for help for our health and well-being or for that of those who are dear to us, to know in more detail what is inside and outside of us, and especially the relationship that exists between them.

The ceremony of the four tobacco is so named because tobacco is the main drug used for its ancestral Properties which is to bring clarity in our thoughts and in our words.

The ritual consists of four main phases, each marked by a tobacco

-Purpose of the tobacco with which expose, especially to ourselves, because we wanted to sit around a fire, beginning a journey that will last all night; with this first Tobacco we set our purpose, the intention that we put to raise all the power of the Medicine.
-tobacco of Water that bring clarity to our thoughts and in our hearts, and the chance to meet the solution to our problems and illnesses, with the second Tobacco we receive and honor the presence of the Water, the masculine water.
-tobacco of power or memory in which, in the light of a new day, we remember the purpose for which we were sitting in front of a fire, the third time is called of the return of the Power, of the Spirit and we receive the answers that we went seaking
-and finally the tobacco Food with which we thank all that we can be in life and the continuity of life itself, The fourth Tobacco honors the Mother Earth and the procreadora woman Water.
In this journey, which takes place in the course of an entire night, on several occasions we turn to employers of life (Water, Air, Earth, Fire) and the first and most important medicines when the land has given us (the plants) for help, knowledge, advice and to find clearer answer to the questions we want to ask.

These elders will be with us all night, all night it’ll be sitting on the ground, we’ll be around a fire, we can appreciate the presence of air through the incense, drink water (in the space devoted to it), we get the plants through infusions.

During the course of the ritual sing songs dedicated to the time that you are experiencing and all participated will be able to play the INSTRUMENTS sacred tradition of the Way Red.

The ceremony is conducted by a man / woman-medicine or curandero / a, ie a person who for years used and is in close contact with these seniors and these medicines. His task is to accompany all participants in their knowledge and use in order to lead to the discovery of the curandero who lives within us!