2 Tobaco Ceremony in Portugal –

O Porto January 6th 2018

is a Medicine Ceremony that has the purpose of healing and cleansing.

The Half Moon Altar brings us back together around the Fire to lift up our prayers as a community and family, in recognition and memory of All Our Relations, as the path towards our natural state of wellbeing.

We invoke the sacred directions of this Universe and the four elements, to gather again as sons and daughters of the Earth and the Sky to honor our Ancestors and celebrate life; to heal our path and plant our dreams.

Our Grandfather Tobacco opens each of the principal times of the ceremony, bringing clarity in our heart, thoughts and words.

We start the ceremony with the Tobacco of the Purpose. With it, we sacredly open the space, call upon help and give direction to our energy for this time. We share with the Universe, ourselves and the Family, our intention for lifting up our instruments and the power of our Medicines.

We end the ceremony with the Water Tobacco by bringing into the circle the Spirit of Water, and with it, clarity, tranquility and the answer to the purpose we set in the beginning of the ceremony.

In between the two Tobaccos, we lift up our prayers with sacred songs and instruments. The instruments are shared within the circle for those who desire to lift up their voice and sing for their own life and the life of their Family.

This is our tradition, the path of knowledge, the dreams of our grandfathers. In ceremony, we ask for help from the medicine, we throw an arrow to the universe, a prayer from our hearts that will expand everywhere, calling the memory of the sons and daughters of this time, our time. We sing the echoes of balance, the melody of the layers of our heart that awakens with the medicine, the sound of our bones, the story of our time. This is same vibration of the tongues of our Grandfather fire, of the water that flows and shapes life; singing we clean the past and plant our future, being grateful for the present, for the moment, for the rhythm, the pause, the heartbeat of this mystery that is life. This is the red road of our heart, sacred blood of light shining with the knowledge of our medicines to walk with intelligence in beauty and peace as a family.

The Two Tobaccos Ceremony lasts all night and ends after sunrise.

Dario Hampi Pakari
Medicine Man from the family of Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan
Dario is a Medicine Man of FSI, an accomplished psychologist and beloved President of “Fuoco Sacro Associazione” in Italy. Dario and the Association’s Counsel work to maintain, support and share the knowledge of ancient traditions all over Europe and America, reconnecting with the ancient memories of their Lands, Hearts and Spirits. Sacred Pipe, Sweatlodge, Vision Quest, and various Medicine Plants ceremonies are some of the main ceremonies that Dario and the Association’s Counsel facilitate in Italy, and in over 10 other countries in Europe.


We are inviting the Family of all ages and conditions to come and join us in this prayer of gratitude and health. To awaken our ancient and sacred memory, open our hearts, recognize who we are, where we come from and why we are here. To remember the GREAT MYSTERY.

“This is how we want to live our lives, with the power to dream our dreams in the same direction of the Dreams of Creation.” -Aurelio Diaz Tekpankalli

– We dress up with beauty and grace to present ourselves in front of Life. Women are asked to wear a long dress or skirt to honor their feminine energy. Men wear trousers and shirt. If is needed we wear a shawl, a poncho, or a blanket to stay warm.
– We will be staying awake all night in the circle around the altar. Please bring something to sit on and be warm, like a yoga mat, cushion and/or a blanket.
– We recommend a light diet before the ceremony. Be aware of your diet in the days before the ceremony. Drink water, avoid much salt, heavy and processed food, alcohol, drugs… (this suggestion is good to follow always, not only before the ceremony!)
– Bring healthy food to share with the Family after ceremony and water to drink in the morning.
 PLEASE LET US KNOW BEFORE REGISTRATION AND BEFORE CEREMONY IF YOU ARE TAKING ANY MEDICATIONSand/or if you have any specific questions or special health conditions concerning the use of some plants.
– Pregnant women: Let us know about your pregnancy at registration if you wish to join the Two Tobaccos Ceremony.
– Women in their Moon time (menstruation) please let us know before the ceremony so we can give you instructions for this Sacred Ceremony that is already happening in your body.